The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are my home town team.

They were founded way back in 1933 and are famously the oldest franchise in the AFC. Originally the Steelers were known as the PIttsburgh Pirates and after a name change they have moved around Pittsburgh as well.

The Steelers battle it out in their stadium and home known as Heinz Field. This is a fantastic stadium and holds in excess of 68,000 spectators creating an atmosphere which really is second to none.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are instantly recognisable and they wear black and gold kits, which they have done ever since 1933.

So how can you watch the game live at the Heinz Field Stadium?


Quite simply visit the official website for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Find the ticket purchasing section and you can choose tickets from the big games. If you’re quick you can choose seats from the best places in the stadium.


If you’re visiting Heinz Field from outside of Pittsburgh you’ll find many ways of reaching the stadium. Pittsburgh is situated with 3 surrounding rivers and with parking lots away from the stadium you can enjoy cheap river trips to the game, with return crossings set to regularly timetables. You can also ride the Pittsburgh T, which has frequent and convenient stops for the stadium or if the more traditional method of walking is your thing then you’ll find clear walkways which are are very convenient.


There are a number of hotels close by and within Pittsburgh for after the match. There are many cheap options with Holiday Inns for you to stay at when you’ve watched the big game.

Why not check out;

The Kimpton Hotel

Wyndham Grand


Holiday Inn Express

After you’ve enjoyed the action there are numerous bars and clubs to enjoy downtown. Take advantage of a raucous and exciting crowd.

Stadium Tours

Again visit the official site of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Stadium tours give a real insight to what the players experience. There are public tours, private tours and even special tours for groups and schools.

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