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How to bet on the NFL

There are many bookmakers in the UK that offer the opportunity to bet on the NFL. The sport has has seen a huge upturn in popularity and it is now offered through mainstream television.

I love having a bet on the NFL and even more so on the Pittsburgh Steelers and below I have described and explained the different ways offered to place a bet. These ways are often referred to as betting markets.

Many bookmakers offer different ways to bet and some have more markets than others.


Sometimes called props this can include any number of individual markets. Be on individual quarters, total field goals, shortest touchdown, pass completions, scoring method. The lists are often endless and you really build some high profits. Look out for Tri bets, Spread bets, double results and winning margin betting methods.


The USA football divisions are separated into different conferences. North, South, East and West. It is possible to bet on outright winners for each of these conferences.

Obviously you can then bet on who you the think the eventual Super bowl winner will be.


It is possible to bet on every game of the season. If you know your American football there can be some great returns on these bets. You can also place bets on try scorers.

Line Markets

Gambling fans will be all to aware of this type of betting. This means that scores are handicapped and all bets are even money.

In Play

This way of betting means that you can place a bet once the game has kicked off. Many markets open up and it’s great way of betting because you can clearly see how the games and players are faring before placing a bet.

Cash out

If you’ve placed a bet and you think the game maybe is not going your way you are able to take an early profit or even a partial profit, leaving some of your stake on.